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Lifetime's 'How To Look Good Naked' Goes to One Hour!

Last night I told myself, no, no, no - it’s too late in the evening.  I’m not watching the entire preview episode of season two of Lifetime’s How To Look Good Naked.

Instead, How To Look Good Naked kept me up until close to midnight and it’s the reason I’m running a bit slow today.   This reality series is very addictive.

In HTLGN, in only five days, host Carson Kressley (Queer Eye) helps women of every shape and size embrace their own special beauty.   "Taking women from body loathing to body loving…" is a Lifetime tag line.

HTLGN debuted as Lifetime’s most-watched reality premiere among women 18-34.  (According to a recent survey, states the press release, 67% of all women ages 15-64 withdraw from life-engaging activities due to feeling badly about their looks.)

This season HTLGN expands to one hour.  The show goes bigger in other ways, too.  HTLGN travels to exotic locations: there are glittering fashion shows and fabulous outdoor shoots in Hawaii and at the top of Roosevelt Hotel in LA.

Beneath all the bling is a compelling show with huge appeal to women of all ages.  Because it was so late in the day, I was determined to just screen the first 15-minutes.  But the story of Kelly Park’s transformation from self-loathing to a gorgeous and elegant woman had me instantly hooked.

How To Look Good Naked:  it’s funny, it’s energetic, it’s poignant, it’s inspirational.  Season two debuts July 22 at 10p.  Don’t miss it.

At TCA:  Kelly Park, on the left.  In the middle, showrunner Riaz Patel.  Right: Layla Morrell from the pilot episode, season one.