Jericho Nuts, We Have An Air Date/L&O Criminal Intent Returns To NBC

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Rob Owen posted: CBS announced an air date for Jericho, the post-apocalyptic drama spared by CBS suits after the rabid fan base showered the network with nuts.

Tuesday, February 12 at 10p.

Jump to Rob’s blog to check out additional news about CBS’s mid-season sked, including details on Drew Carey’s Power of10, Big Brother, a six-hour mini called Comanche Moon, and more.

As the writers’ strike drags on and broadcast nets scramble to fill their skeds, it’s back to the future for NBC.  Repurposed episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, the procedural booted by NBC after six seasons but picked up by NBCU-owned USA Network, will air on NBC starting January 9.   L&O:CI pairs with Law and Order which returns to the Wednesday slot it occupied for 15 years.

The seventh season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent launched Oct. 4 on USA Net.  Eight s7 episodes have aired to date, with two more on deck.   So NBC will have a minimum of ten weeks of L&O:CI filler on hand to sustain their Wednesday primetime schedule.