It's 3:15p.m. and My Comcast Email Just Crashed.

Uh, oh.  My Comcast email went ka-boom about 30 minutes ago.  Suddenly, the Comcast system is asking for my email passwords.  But when I enter the passwords, nothing happens.  Apparently the system doesn’t recognized the passwords.

So, I hop over to Comcast webmail.  Webmail sends me to a blank page when I enter my user name and password.

Finally, after about 30 minutes of total wait time, a very nice customer service agent answers.  He says he’s in the Canadian office who tells me: the incoming email server is down and many customers are having trouble logging in.

When I ask how many customers are affected, he says, “lots!” and that many customers are calling in.

Comcast customer service says to sit tight.  My friendly agent says our email should back and up and running in about 30 minutes - which should be approximately 3:50p.m. PT.