I Wear My 3D-Enabled Sunglasses at Night

Dorky-looking, expensive 3D glasses are a big turnoff for consumers (see 3DTV Tickles Interest But Most Consumers Aren’t Sold Yet: Survey).

But wait! Now you can get cool-looking expensive 3D glasses. I guess that’s half the battle.

Calvin Klein Eyewear has partnered with Marchon to deliver “3D-enabled” sunglasses — at $180 a pop — that are certified for the RealD passive 3D display system. Other luxury brands, including Gucci and Oakley, are also rolling out 3D eyewear.

One big caveat: None of those fancy-schmancy glasses will work with the active-shutter 3D technologies used by most TV manufacturers today. So unless and until you have a 3DTV set that uses passive glasses — displays expected to cost more than active-shutter models — the 3D sunglasses will be useful mainly at movie theaters outfitted with RealD’s system, which is now available on 7,500 screens worldwide, according to the company.

The ck Calvin Klein eyewear will be available in December 2010, in three different styles for men and women. A pair of the men’s is at left, and one of the women’s versions is above.

According to Marchon, its curved lenses match the contour of the human eye, which “improves and maximizes a consumer’s 3D viewing experience, allowing for a greater image immersion.” The lenses also are photochromic, which means they darken on exposure to UV rays outdoors and get lighter indoors.

For what it’s worth, Marchon has filed for patent protection on the curved 3D lenses and the method of manufacturing them.

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