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Hulu’s Multitasking Move

In a move that should please Hulu’s busy, multitasking subscribers, the OTT-TV service now supports  picture in picture on the iPad, taking advantage of a new video mode that come with iOS 9.

Hulu made note of the addition when it released the iOS 9-facing version 4.6.1 of its app on Wednesday (September 16), proclaiming: “Picture in Picture for iOS9 has arrived! After starting your video, get back to that email you have been meaning to write while binging on The Mindy Project!”

Or checking Facebook or Twitter, or Facetiming with a pal.

Hulu, which has nearly 9 million subscribers, recently introduced a commercial-free plan that starts at $11.99 per month, $4 more than its ad-supported subscription offering. In July, it added enhancements to its iOS app that enable support for the Apple Watch.