Hulu Guru Hies to Hearst

Catching up on this news: Hearst has hired George Kliavkoff, the guy who pushed NBCU to create Hulu with Fox, to be the second-in-command for its Entertainment & Syndication group.

Kilavkoff, 41, reports to Scott Sassa (another ex-NBC exec), who is president of Hearst Entertainment & Syndication.

At Hearst, Kliavkoff will be charged with “leading the digital expansion of Hearst Entertainment & Syndication, the operating group responsible for Hearst’s interests in cable television networks, including ESPN, Lifetime, A&E and History; television production and distribution; newspaper syndication; and merchandise licensing.”

When he left NBCU in November, Kliavkoff — the interim CEO for Hulu — told colleagues in a memo that “I believe in my heart that this is a best time to start, run or invest in digital companies.”