Hot Fox Afternoons/Stargate Atlantis Raps G4's Attack

The best thing about last night’s American Idol

Thenew summery, orange-burst iPod  commercial shakes up the screen. 

The music:  "Mi Swing Es Tropical" by Nickodemus & Quantic featuring Tempo. It’s more proof that DVR ad skipping, or not, is really all about the content. 

Worth watching, airing now

War  Wounds on Current tv, also available online. – a wrenching look at Sierra Leone’s amputees and the challenges they face five years after the end of the civil war.

Why Roger Ailes could use a little of that Dow Jones Cred

For some late afternoon action head to Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto. Cavuto, the Fox News senior vice president and managing editor of business news, is slated to anchor and oversee content on the planned Fox Biz Channel. 

Your World has been looking more like The Sopranos. Case in point: Cavuto’s recent interviews with adult actress/California Republican gubernatorial candidate  Mary Carey, Carey landed a whopping 11,000 votes but,against a pole dancing backdrop, Cavuto breathlessly reframed her run as "tenth out of 135!"

Cavuto’s latest pretext for  inviting thegiggly, jiggly Carey onto the show last week? - to ask the governator wannabe (who wants to make lap dances tax deductible) if she would consider pardoning Paris Hilton, if she was governor that is.

But Cavuto got more than he bargained for.  Carey suddenly went on to say she was "disappointed" that Cavuto hadn’t asked her out yet and then coyly disclosed that  Keith Olbermann already had.  Carey assured Cavuto that, of the two, he was the favorite. She declined Olbermann’s invite, she said - eyes batting - because she "had a boyfriend at the time."

"But I’m single now and…" she started to suggest.

His flirtation bluff called, the slightly panicked Cavuto abruptly cut the interview with an "I’ll leave it at that. I’ll leave it at that."

Said Cavuto last February about the planned Fox Biz Channel. "We’re going to be entertaining, informative, youthful. We’re going to appeal to groups beyond old white guys with money."


With Cavuto in charge, maybe they should call it the Fox Badda Bing Channel.

Keith Olbermann, as far as we know, hasn’t commented on Carey’s claims. 

Atlantis Raps G4’s Attack

Comcast’s G4 Tech TV  Attack of the Show,  which features all things cool in film, TV, games, gear and music, invaded the set of Sci Fi Channel’sStargate Atlantisrecently.  The segment shot by G4is available here online – sort of. You’ll have to search under "keyword" for Atlantis - there’s no apparent way to provide a direct link.

It all started when Attack of the Show’sZach Selwyn and his "outlaw country hip-hop" band, Zachariah and the Lobos Riders – uber-Stargate Atlantis fanboys angling for a set invite - hit the studio to record thisStargate Atlantisrap trackwith the help of Terrace Marrtin (musical director for Snoop Dog.)

A left coast Internet rap battle was born.

David Hewlett, Stargate Atlantis‘ fast-talking physicist  Dr. Rodney McKay (Fraiser-in-space says Hewlett) demonstrates he’s capable of layin’ down a lot more than science babble. Here Hewlett aka Slug White Nerd shows out withhis own Stargate rap.

The versatile Hewlett, outfitted in bright red and yellow (boxers?) and dreads in a send-up of Ronan, the ass-kicking Stargate Atlantis beefcake,also has fun introducing the Stargate Atlantis’ video challenge.