Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

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Hillary WASN’T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered…

— BarelyPolitical has unearthed the following footage of Hillary Clinton visiting Bosnia in 1996

Some of the more colorful commentary on Digg:

Jaihu: "man i just got totally pwned by this, i saw the headline and was like "SH*T NO WAY!"

Robfrench:  "I hear that she was the one that found Sadam and pulled him out of his hole. And in Iran they use her poop as currency. And she used to jog with a fridge on her back.."

Necroprancer:  "And this video doesn’t even show the T-1000s and Metal Gear Rays they had to fight off. It’s true. I swear."

And finally….

dshey:  "just wishing there was astley background music. otherwise, it’s perfect."

Gee, someone even created a celebratory banner.