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Halloween Fairy Busted! on Facebook

Spreading fast on the Internet - in less than eight hours after submission, this story and pic swept to the top spot on Digg.

Anglo Irish Bank intern Kevin Colvin belatedly alerted his boss by email that he wouldn’t be coming to work because of an implied family matter.  But Kevin apparently had a date with a can of Busch Light and an important Halloween party - and he unwisely posted this pic of the festivities on Facebook.

His boss quickly uncovered Kevin’s Facebook page, and replied (with the pic attached): "Hope everything is okay… (Cool wand.)"

and then reportedly copied the entire office, who probably copied all their friends, who then…well you get the picture.

Click here and go to Valleywag which first posted the story, along with the entire email exchange.

Kevin’s kinda cute in fairy costume.  There’s no such thing as bad publicity.  He should find himself an agent.  I see an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! - in costume!