Google And Coffee-To-The-Home?

Those jokesters at Google Fiber are at it again. Following up last year’s “Google Fiber Poles” April 1 ruse (which I fell prey to until I remembered the date…it was just believable enough),  Google is putting a scare into Starbucks across the Kansas City area as it unveils its latest pilot offering: Coffee-to-the-Home.

FTTH, please meet CTTH, “Your direct coffee superhighway.” We’ve already got PB&J and Bert & Ernie so why not some F&C?

And a newly-optimized Google Fiber app comes with “predictive brew technology” that determines what blend you’re in the mood for based on your beverage history, the time of day, and, of course, your TV viewing preference.

“With Google Fiber, you can make sure you’re always wired, in every sense of the word,” the faux promo explains.

Google Fiber. Is there anything it can’t do? (With apologies to Homer Simpson)

We’ll see. In the meantime, we do know that they always ground out a clever, elaborate effort on April Fools' Day. Here’s the clip: