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FX at TCA: Russell Brand's Epic Take on Sarah Palin

Beverly Hills CA — Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour 2012

The Palins can’t seem to get enough of Hollywood and they’ve been a presence at Television Critics Association Summer 2012 press tour.

Todd, cast on NBC’s new reality series Stars Earn Stripes, appeared in person along with his fellow castmates.   A fit and trimmed down Bristol, in house for ABC Network, also fielded questions from the critics.  She’s slated to participate in ABC’s latest iteration of DWTS - Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars.

Mom Sarah created a stir when she showed up at the NBC cocktail party, held poolside at the Beverly Hilton.   The spray-tanned Sarah was outfitted in a tight, low-cut wrap-around dress, and strappy five-inch black leather wedge platforms, her bright red-painted toenails peeking out the tips - - shoes that might be worn by a dominatrix.  The ensemble was completed by a hand-beaded (she said) red, white and blue bracelet.

Yesterday, a long haired Russell Brand -  at TCA to promote BrandX,  his live audience show currently airing on FX Network  - walked on stage barefoot, jeans torn at the knees, with long beaded necklaces dangling from his neck like a throwback to San Francisco’s Summer of Love.

So, with Palins still on the brain, it was irresistible.  One critic asked Russell Brand,  if he had the opportunity, what question would he put to Sarah Palin.

Brand tends to focus intently on the questions, almost eerily so, unblinking.

His response was instantaneous.

“I think we all know that I’ll go straight to the subtext,” said Brand, “because I think the reason that Sarah Palin has been so long tolerated is because of that latent inquisition around the vagina. Ha-ha-ha-ha. People want to f*ck her, don’t they?

When the laughter died down, Brand continued: “That’s why you tolerate the other stuff.  You think, okay, that is a mad thing to say about seeing Russia out your window, but the dick don’t lie.”

Earlier, the subject of the Palin’s presence at TCA also came up, when a critic provoked Brand by asking for his opinion on the TCA “Palin-palooza,” and Todd and Sarah’s highly publicized thumbs up photo-op at Chick-Fil-A.

“…didn’t Chick fil A say that they’re racist now?” Brand responded, “Oh, no, homophobic. I get mixed up with the prejudices. I forget who we’re supposed to hate.”

“So I don’t care,” he continued. “I don’t agree with eating the chicken anyway. I think that’s an unkind thing to do to a chicken. Just let it carry on doing what it’s doing. I don’t agree with homophobia, so I don’t see there’s any reason. I don’t know much about what happens when Palin does a baby, then it grows up to live its own life. But if it’s anything like the originator of that thing, then I think that, yeah, Dancing with the Stars is the right place for it.”