FX Says Rescue Me Numbers UP/Nip-Tuck Moves to LA

FX just announced that Rescue Me numbers aren’t down 20% after the first episode as originally reported. When the DVR numbers were added back in, they say, the numbers are actually up a bit - 2% in 18-49, and 1% in total viewers.

“Welcome to California, Dr. McNamara, and welcome to the team …”

So starts out Nip/Tuck’s 5th season which launches in October.

The plastic surgery duo of McNamara-Troy moves to Los Angeles. Guest stars will include Bradley Cooper, Lauren Hutton, and Oliver Platt.

In the teaser screened by FX a few moments ago, Troy dismisses a surgical assistant. He drops a set of keys on him, and tells him to wash the Lamborghini. He calls Hollywood a “sh*t hole” and declares “this town needs me.”

The teaser was set to the funky Hollywood Swingers from Kool and The Gang.

Said Ryan Murphy, creator/executive producer: “We wanted to explore theme of LA. [McNamara-Troy] ruled Miami as plastic surgeons … what happens when you turn 40 and go from being a big fish in the pond to the opposite and surrounded by dozens who have been here forever?”

Murphy revealed that McNamara and Troy land jobs as medical consultants “on a Nip/Tuck like plastic show … a show within a show where they explore ‘can we be stars or not.’’