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FoxNewsPorn: Too Hot For Digg

, the popular social networking site where users submit and vote on their favorite news stories, initially banned a post linked to this video.  The vid uses actual clips from Fox News to skewer the cable net’s preoccupation with porn.

The ban triggered a showdown with Digg members.  Chastened, Digg founder Kevin Rose apologized and quickly reinstated the popular listing.

Hey everyone, we temporarily banned this last night. We flagged it as a potential TOS violation, but after looking into it further we promptly unbanned it. Our fault. Digg on. -Kevin

But Digg members accused Rose of censoring posts to curry favor with Fox News parent News Corp, long-rumored to be interested in acquring the site.  (Digg recently partnered with News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal to allow Digg members to read and vote for articles for free.)

Keith Olbermann must be a Digg lurker because he aired the story a few hours after the ban was lifted.The Foxnewsporn vid was pulled together by the folks associated with, a stealth promo site for FOX Attacks! Special Edition of Outfoxed DVD.   Outfoxed is the anti-News Corp documentary that (according to the site) "examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, have been running a race to the bottom in television news."