FiOS Digital Voice's Preliminary Price List

Verizon has published rates and charges for the initial rollout of FiOS Digital Voice, though the company may change its pricing for the wider launch in 2009.

Here’s the list of fees, as of September 2008, according to the FiOS Digital Voice "terms of service" document available here: (Thanks to user UofMiamiGrad, who posted the link.)

Rates and Charges [for September 2008]

Nonrecurring Charges

Installation of first phone jack    $95.00

Installation of additional phone jacks     $53.00

Monthly Recurring Charges

FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited Plan

This Plan offers unlimited domestic outbound calling, unlimited inbound calling, use of the calling features described above, and use of the Personal Account Manager. This is a single line plan, however, a Customer may purchase additional lines (maximum of 5).

                                                      Monthly Recurring Charge

FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited Plan         $44.99

Each Additional Line (maximum of 5)    $9.99/line

FiOS Digital Voice Per Minute Plan

The Per Minute Plan charges the Customer a monthly recurring charge in addition to a charge for each minute of use. Calls to other FiOS Digital Voice customers as well as calls to Verizon residential wireline local phone service customers are considered “In-Network” calls and are included in the monthly plan fee. This is a single line plan.

                                                      Monthly Recurring Charge

FiOS Digital Voice Per Minute Plan      $14.99

                                                      Per Minute of Use Charge

FiOS Digital Voice Per Minute Plan      $0.05

Other Charges

Directory Assistance     $1.25 per call

Operator Assistance     $4.50 per call

Virtual Telephone Number Charge        $6.99 per month

Pick Your Own Area Code Number     $4.99

Vanity Number       $4.99

Primary Line Non-Published     $3.50 per month

Primary Line – Non-listed         $2.50 per month

Directory Listing Plan A – 1 additional number     $3.00 per month

Telephone Number Change Charge       $22.00

Service Restoral Charge           $29.99

Late Payment Charge        varies by state