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Dove Hunters Shoot Up Fiber Optic Lines, Cause Indiana Outage

I spotted this story on Aaron Barnhart’s most excellent ticker.

Blame it on too much Pabst Blue Ribbon?  Dove hunters blew out fiber optic lines in Southern Indiana, reports Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner on his blog, "Michael’s Insight."

Insight’s service was interrupted yesterday in Gibson County and portions of Dubois County, Indiana yesterday [over the holiday weekend?] due to dove hunters shooting at doves perched on fiber optic lines in that area. The lines deliver Insight’s cable, Internet and phone service and the birdshot fired at them severed the connection.

We immediately deployed repair personnel to the damaged line, and they were able to restore service by 6pm yesterday evening. It took much longer than originally expected because the hunters decided to shoot our cable in more than one place.

Their foray in the woods will prove costly.  The hunters were nabbed and will have to pay restitution. 

And, in the vein of just never knowing where you might get answers to your questions:  just last night, I was wondering why the Sarah Palin Wikipedia page was closed to edits.  Willner reports (per the NY Times) that a certain someone named "YoungTrigg" began overhauling the Palin Wikipedia page shortly before McCain announced his VP selection.  YoungTrigg’s overly positive spin caught the eye of another long-time Wikipedia editor (also a Republican) and the edits were toned down.  YoungTrigg, by his own admission, is a McCain volunteer. 

At any rate, read all about it on Willner’s blog.