David Cook Sing for Simon and It's Wow

While other judges stayed in the safe zone and made unfortunately predictable selections for the contestants they were paired with (Paula with David Archuleta, ????  Sayisha ?????? etc), Simon Cowell went old school.  His surprise selection for David Cook to sing:  Roberta Flack’s "First Ever I Saw Your Face."

Move out of their comfort zone and when they do, the judges tell them to go back.  After David Cook’s fantastic rendition of Roberta Flacks,  Randy

within one million votes of each other last week…

And, wow, Cook - a great rocker - put on display of versatility, showing why he deserves to be the next American Idol.

"Dare you to move,"  switch foot.    rocking out…..

Sorry but the sugary David Archuleta might be cute and he smiles charmingly but he has a hard time moving beyond ballads but he’s young and sweetly shy but he can’t seem to move beyond the ballads and wedding music….rocking out and projecting.

saddled with a producers choice from dan folgelberg…simon sang the song very well.  "gooyey"  yes, sticky wedding music

Oh, but it’s so intersesting to watch Sayisha suddenly seem so comfortable in her own skin singing Peggy Lee’s Fever and playing up her sexiness….it just seems like her voice isn’t quite as strong….as if she still has trouble with nerves.

Paula - doesn’t show me who Sayisha is as an artist…..called it "quite a lame caberet performance…"

"a chihuahua trying to be a tiger," said Simon.  Simon said it was awkward. 


five blades [ venus embrace razor…. and how long will fructus use music from ????  glk  se and the city mercedes sex and the city movie product placement  announcing its appearance in the sexa and the city film this weekend.  ????? 10 a.m. buyiing your tickets…pushing the

P.S.  did RAndy talk out of school when he referred to sayisha as "third’ in the competition.  does he know something we don’t?

"I don’t want to miss a thing…." 

horrible producer choices - slimy, "gooy" pop choices.. saddled "I don’t want to miss a thing"  which he totally made the best of….the band had a hard time keeping up with him….horrible choice…."one of the best songs of all time"   ick!!   sorry simon…boring pop…but David Cooks wins the night.