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Crap Shoot: EA Voted Worse Than Cable, Satellite or Telcos

In the end,’s poop-minded voters decided they hated Big Video Game more than Big Cable, Big Satellite, Big Telco — or even Big Banking.

Electronic Arts, whose crimes apparently include high pricing and withholding game content to charge for it later, takes home the Golden Poo as the site’s 2012 Worst Company in America. The video-game publisher beat Bank of America in the March Madness-style playoff, staged for the seventh year by the reflexively anticorporate Consumers Union-owned blog site.

AT&T placed an excremental third in a consolation match against Walmart, with the Consumerist harping on the telco’s failed bid for T-Mobile and bandwidth-capping policies. Comcast, which beat Time Warner Cable in the first round, was subsequently bounced by EA, while Charter lost out to PayPal in Round Two.

PayPal vs. Charter? Comcast vs. EA?

This ridiculous, contrived bit of scatological nonsense tells us really nothing about the relative customer dissatisfaction of consumers.

But Comcast took it deadly serious last year — marshaling a vote-rigging attempt in its matchup against Charter that ultimately backfired. The MSO wisely appears to have let the silliness speak for itself this time around (see March Badness: Comcast, Netflix and Others In Running for ‘Worst Company in America’, Comcast Urged Employees To Vote For Charter In ‘Worst Company’ Poll, Comcast Loses to BP in ‘Worst Company’ Quarterfinals and Comcasters: Thousands of Wrongs Don’t Make a Right).


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