Comedy Central's 'Chocolate News': David Alan Grier Unbound (But MTV Is A Tad Unprepared)

Here at the Television Critics Association press tour: MTV seems to have run out of press packets and, in spite of several (very polite) requests over the last hour, they still have not managed to located more.

ETA - still no luck.  It looks like the network(s) doesn’t have enough to go around.

Oh, well -  I’ll fill in the blanks/do the ETA thing later.

In Comedy Central’s Chocolate News David Alan Grier finally shows what he’s made of.  He  just unveiled  his new faux magazine format (somewhat neo-Dave Chappelle) sketch comedy series called Chocolate News.

Grier is the anchor and plays many of the characters.  There is, of course, the token white correspondent.

Grier describes the show as "Tony Brown’s Journal, the show that comes on at two in morning, federally mandated - if it had a sense of humor."

The sketch Comedy Central aired for the critics in the ballroom:  350 pound Reginal Harrison aka rapper Fat Man (Grier, in prosthetics, every tooth covered in gold) is contracted to produce a series of PSA’s for the No Child Left Behind Act. 

Chocolate News asks if the government "played the race card" when Fat Man is dismissed for producing an offensive PSA.  Fat Man visits Alicia Keys Elementary School with his booty-popping posse - women in short, plaid skirts.  Fat Man lets off a stream of champaign all over the dancers’ backsides, in full view of the kiddies.or the sketch featuring conjoined Siamese twins - one white, one black - but Chocolate News isn’t interested in the white one at all…or Chocolate News finds John McCain’s Reverend Wright… McCain’s launderer.  Booms Grier on stage, like a gospel preacher.  "Black and white cannot be together!  If they mix, they will be ruined!"Then there’s the death row inmate who orders his last meal - all you can eat buffet.  He’s been eating for a year and half.  Chocolate News loves the guy.  He’s beating the system and "it’s awesome…"