Comcast Loses to BP in 'Worst Company' Quarterfinals

Let’s call it a Pyrrhic victory.

On Thursday, BP eliminated Comcast from the’s “Worst Company in America” poll, a March Madness-style tournament in which the winners are chosen by site visitors.

BP, responsible for what U.S. officials called the worst environmental disaster in the country’s history with that ginormous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year, handily defeated reigning champ Comcast by a margin of 62% to 38%.

Still, Comcast — winner of the Consumerist’s 2010 Golden Poo award for “Worst Company in America” — isn’t coming out smelling like, um, a rose.

Last month Comcast inexplicably urged employees to vote for its first-round opponent, Charter (see Comcast Urged Employees To Vote For Charter In ‘Worst Company’ Poll and Comcasters: Thousands of Wrongs Don’t Make a Right). It’s unknown how many Comcast employees voted for BP in the most recent round.

I realize that customer satisfaction is a huge, huge focus for Comcast right now. But trying to game the goofy poll by the Consumerist just made Comcast look out of touch.

By the way, BP will face Bank of America in the final. Will Big Bad Oil or Big Bad Banking take home the Consumerist’s scatological honors? If you’re thrilled by the din of the madding anticorporate crowd, this showdown is for you.


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