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Comcast Goes Boldly With ‘X1’

With its X1 platform now available across its entire footprint, Comcast is evidently ready to tell the world about it and scale up an IP-capable service that features a cloud-based interface and the ability to support a network DVR service.

Applying a Star Trek theme, Comcast debuted a new 30-second ad touting X1 during Sunday’s night’s Super Bowl, where an away team, led by Spock (Zachary Quinto), is beamed to the “Xfinity Innovation Center.”  

“What is this place?” Spock asks.

“Where are we?” an equally baffled Chekov (Anton Yelchin) follows as he gazes at a bank of video monitors.

A Comcaster then sidles up to explain: “This is where we bring together the fastest Internet and the best in entertainment. We call it the X1 Entertainment Operating System.”

“It looks like the future!” Chekov exclaims, as Spock proceeds to chalk it up to some sort of time-travelling snafu.

Better yet, you can just watch the whole thing here:

The spot, which ran in select local Comcast markets during the game, comes as Comcast gets ready to roll out the next-generation of X1, which Comcast has labelled internally as “X2.” 

As reported last week, Comcast is getting ready to present the upgraded version of the platform as the default guide to all new X1 customers along with a plan to migrate existing X1 customers to the updated platform in over the coming weeks.

Some Comcast X1 customers are already noting that the new version of X1 interface is making an appearance. User “JeepMatt” of Wilmington, Del., for example, posted on the DSL Reports boards Monday morning that the previous “Preview” of the next-gen guide has been replaced by a version of the software build labeled as “New.”