Cheerleaders Hit TCA

A few moments ago, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Show Group rocked the crowd to celebrate CMT’s second season of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team, an American Idol-style competition in which women subject themselves to a rigorous tryout for a chance to enter the ranks of football’s most famous cheerleading team.

The press tour so far has been a little tame but the ladies definitely spiced things up a bit and woke the press up from their early morning daze.

They strutted out on stage to the strains of a disco tune that screams “Rock the House.”  Dressed in the iconic “sacred” blue and white (short -shorts, bodice-barring blouses and white cowboy boots) and waving blue and white pom-poms, they turned their backs to the crowd and shook their perfect booties at the critics. They closed with a perfectly synched Rockettes number ending in the splits.