CES: Dish Slings to a Second TV

Las Vegas — Dish Network is quietly showing the Sling Extender at its booth here at CES, which will let subscribers with a Sling-enabled set-top watch TV or DVR recordings on a second TV set over Wi-Fi.

That means you wouldn’t have to lease a second set-top box for, say, the upstairs bedroom.

Dish expects to ship the Sling Extender in late spring; it hasn’t determined pricing. Initially, the laptop-size device will work only with the ViP 922 HD DVR.

EchoStar actually showed the product, which it dubbed the Sling Receiver 300, at last year’s CES, but the product is evidently not yet ready for primetime (see CES 2010: Dish, EchoStar Sling Up ‘TV Everywhere’ Strategy).

Also on the floor, Dish was showing a version of its Dish Remote Access that lets subs watch live and recorded TV on higher-pixel Android tablet screens (such as the Motorola Xoom, which is being offered by Verizon Wireless starting in Q1).

Note that these “TV Everywhere” features require users to have a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled device such as the ViP 922 or the $99 Sling Adapter, which works with the ViP 722 or 722k HD DVRs.