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CBS to Remake Streets of San Francisco But San Francisco Has No Sound Stages So...

Okay - I got this via the fabulous ticker on Aaron Barnhart’s blog.  (Aaron’s blog is a daily must read.)   The news is via TV Squad via Hollywood Reporter.  (Yep, it’s important to identify the threads and give credit where credit it due…)

At any rate,  CBS is planning a remake of the classic Streets of San Francisco, the old Quinn-Martin production starring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas when Douglas was a sweet young thing.  The chemistry between Malden and Douglas was a wonder to behold.

As a kid, I watched Streets of SF religiously.  I adored that show.  Part of the show’s charm was the authenticity of the setting.  San Francisco, like Baltimore in The Wire, or Providence in Brotherhood was the silent partner. 

So, any remake of the classic naturally sends a shiver up the spine.  It’s hard to keep an open mind knowing that the show probably won’t be shot here.

Why?  Because the city father’s have not yet gotten their act together to develop sound stages.  This problem keeps coming up again and again.   So, Gavin m’dear. What the heck is the hold up.

First off, will CBS actually shoot the series in San Francisco or just shoot a few scenes and act like the series resides in the city.  Women’s Murder Club,  and a host of other shows claimed to be located in San Francisco.  WMC opened with a few set up shots of the Ferry Building (with the words "Ferry Building" inserted on screen - yeesh) and the bridge but other than that, the city was nothing more than a conceit. 

varying degrees….

Journeyman, woman’s murder club, ABC’s shortlived The Evidence (much of it shot here) 

ABC like to claim that a lot of shows are ostensibly set in the City.  An upcoming