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Buy Stephen Colbert's Cast!

As Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert says, "unless you’ve been on the moon" you know he broke his wrist recently while cavorting on the set of The Colbert Report.

Colbert has gleefully milked the little accident for material.  He’s dedicated himself to raising America’s awareness about "wrist violence" in segments called "Wrist Watch,"  and hawking "WristStrong" bracelets (a parody of Lance Armstrong’s Lifestrong).   His orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gerry Vizone, has made several appearances on the show.

Vizone typically saunters on stage WWF/Michael Buffer-style to strobe lights, confetti and an over-the-top intro by Colbert:

"The master of the metacarpals!  The Raja of the radius!….Can you smellllalalalala what the doc is healing!?  Let’s get ready to rehab!!!!!"

The doc removed the cast live on the show the other night while medical interns clad in surgical scrubs leaped and gyrated around the stage with abandon.  As the the doctor wielded the saw, Colbert yelled, "tear down this cast!!" a parody of Reagan’s "tear down this wall" speech at the Brandenburg Gate in West Germany

(The clip is available on Youtube in spite of the Viacom lawsuit and Viacom’s Draconian policy of ordering Comedy Central, BET, and other network vids yanked from the site.  So click on the link and watch The Colbert Report while the watchin’ is good.)

Colbert’s cast, signed by politicos and news notables like White House Press Sec. Tony Snow, Katie Couric, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Bill O’Reilly, is now up for auction on Ebay.  Bids will be accepted until September 3 and the winner will be announced on September 10 on The Colbert Report.  Proceeds benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

WristStrong band sales also benefit the YRF and those can be found on the website in the "Eagle’s Nest" gift shop

Remember: "Stephen’s wrist may be WEAK but the nation is STRONG."

While browsing the Ealge’s Nest shop,  for $14.99 you can also pick up a few "truthiness" t-shirts.   ("Truthiness: that which one holds to be true regardless of what is supported by fact.") 

Or send your friends a "truthiness" ecard.

and - omg! - for the truly dedicated fan the Colbert Nation website even offers a little bit of fanfic.  No, there isn’t any slash posted yet, but…it may only be a matter of time before someone organizes a Live Journal site. (For the uninitiated, slash postulates homo-erotic relationships between fave television characters and fans have written hundreds of thousands of slash fanfics. Slash originated in the early days of Trek when fans wrote about Kirk and Spock, or K/S, hence the term "slash.")

I’m just wondering what the pairing might be.  Tony Snow and Stephen Colbert, maybe.  Aren’t they cute together?  It’s sweet the way Snow is cradling Stephen’s wrist.  I see all kinds of subtext in that photo.  T/S 4eva!