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Bravo's Andy Cohen Has A Blog: Oversharing Can Be Fun

Mediabistro thinks Andy Cohen, Bravo’s senior veep - responsible for overseeing Bravo’s current production slate, including hit shows like "Top Chef," "Project Runway," "Queer Eye," "Shear Genius," "The Real Housewives of Orange County," "Work Out," "Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style" and "Flipping Out"- over-shares on his blog found here on the Bravo site.

Andy muses about East Hampton summers, traditional stuff like barbeques and clam bakes and  hot dogs and cole slaw - only Hampton style -  hot dogs and the trimmings flown in LA,  all the way from Nate and Al’s.

"The lunch was outstanding, but its carbon footprint left a bit of an aftertaste," said Andy.

Unfortunately, Andy is currently having a little freak out about oversharing.  Which is too bad, because his chatter about Hampton emphemera is amusing.

I’ve learned that Andy - I know I’m using his first name, but I feel like I’m starting to get to know him -  is a terrible napper, and that he spent the weekend with friends chatting how much they love Obama and talking about former Gawker blogger Emily Gould’s NY Times Sunday Magazine cover story about - ironically - oversharing.

Since that’s almost exactly how my husband and I spent our weekend, here on the west coast, I think I’ve developed a girl crush on Andy. 

"You are just too adorable," writes "Michelle" in the comments.

The other day Andy teased ABC’s Sam Champion.  (You know, ABC’s weatherman, the perfectly bronzed guy with the most exquisite teeth on the planet.)

The lunch went until cocktail time and on my way home I stopped by a store opening in East Hampton. Kelly Ripa and Marc Consuelos were the "hosts" of the party, but the store is owned by Sam Champion’s boyfriend. Neither of the Champions seemed to be around for the first 90 minutes of their own party, and so the topic of conversation inside the party became: If you are the host of a party (and not the "host") and your name is not "Madonna", is it appropriate to make an "entrance" or be there from the start? People seemed to be split on the etiquette. (I will ask Da Countess sometime.)

There were so many pretty girls dolled up in great clothes and shoes who were single and seemingly looking. And they were surrounded by gay guys, which ultimately has got to get quite tiresome for those pretty girls. We need a shipment of straight men to the metro area pronto to right this wrong.

heh.  I await the next installment of Andy’s blog and his insiderish musings.  oh, wait.  Does Andy Twitter?  That would be fun…

Here’s Sam Campion riding a mechanical bull!