AT&T U-verse, Ready-to-Go in Marin County?

Comcast is popular in my Marin County neighborhood but here comes the competition.

ADEX Telecom (a contract staffing service) showed up in front of my house around 3:30 p.m. today with a bucket truck.  Here they are, mucking around the street pole adjacent to the driveway.

I chatted amiably with the “bucket guy” (B.G.).  He stated he was contracted with AT&T, and that we would soon be getting “really great tv services.”

“Oh, you mean U-verse,” I said

“That’s right,” confirmed B.G.

When would U-verse be available, I asked.  B.G.said he wasn’t in a position to say, but "maybe as soon as sixty days."

When I asked exactly what he was doing up there in the sky above my home, he replied that he was “verifying that every house has a dedicated line.”

The ADEX truck: