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America's Best Dance Crew's Voter Problem

This season, all season, on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, voters have consistently and inexplicably voted the most talented crews into the bottom two, putting the ABDC judges between the devil and the deep blue sea.

It happened again tonight, frustrating the judges and probably not a few viewers (myself included). 

The two strongest crewswho blew away the judges and Missy Elliott last week, Fanny Pak and Super Crew, were voted  into the bottom two. 

SoReal Cru was only so-so last week.  And this week they were especially meh, performing a routine lacking in difficulty, creativity and energy.  The judges were lukewarm and damned the SoReal Cru with faint praise.

Logically, Super Crew, Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul are the three crews who ought to have landed at the top three spots.

Once again the judges were forced to cut loose a winning crew.  In what they said was their most difficult decision to date, they reluctantly dismissed Fanny Pak.

Without Fanny Pak, the live finale is now guaranteed to be anti-climatic

Judges have admonished voters time and again to think carefully about their votes.  Sure, on all thes voters make perplexing choices every once in awhile.