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America's Best Dance Crew: Missy Elliott Challenge!

a little live blogging:  Super Cr3w kills it.  Missy Elliott: y’all made my video look whack.

Boogie Bots land in the bottom two and judges don’t hold back, are pretty hard on them.  ABDC judges definitely keep it real.

Fanny Pak is just…crazy wild!!!  Standing ovation from the judges.  End of the line for Boogie Bots, m’fraid.

Yep, it’s all over for Boogie Bots.   It’s down to three crews now: Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w and SoReal Cru.

Fanny Pak:

Earlier today: MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, the best of the dance genre on television - yeah, I know, I’m repeating myself - airs tonight at 10p.  It’s week seven, the Missy Elliott "Shake Ya Pom Pom" Challenge people!  Be sure to tune-in.

(LA Times via Wikipedia): Missy and her longtime collaborator, choreographer Hi Hat, will watch from the audience as each crew performs to one of her hit songs. The crews’ challenge: adapting the videos’ innovative footwork to showcase their own style. Missy will work with the crews to master the moves and hone their routines.[9]

Word from a source: Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak really tear up the stage tonight.

But the competition is hot, hot, hot because now the show is down to the final four - Boogie Bots, Fanny Pak, SoReal Cru, and Super Cr3w - so viewers can count on seeing a lot of great moves overall.

Dance Crew    Missy Elliott Song

Boogie Bots    Work It

Fanny Pak      Get Ur Freak On

SoReal Cru     One Minute Man

Super Cr3w    We Run This

Fanny Pak goes to prom, hip-hop style.