Zhone Hones In on Fiber with Ethernet Product

Telco-equipment provider Zhone Technologies Inc. added a new Ethernet-based product to its portfolio that is aimed at fiber-to-the-premises IPTV services.

The new “EtherActive” line includes “EtherActive Optical Line Terminal,” a device that can support as many as 10 subscribers per blade with connection speeds ranging from 10 megabits per second to 1 gigabit per second using either copper or fiber links.

It also allows providers to mix and match copper and fiber services on the same card and to add additional cards to turn up capacity or add new services without having to replace the entire line-terminal unit.

"With the rapid proliferation of bandwidth-hungry Ethernet applications, service providers are looking for elegant ways of delivering high-bandwidth Ethernet services that their subscribers demand," said David Markowitz, vice president of marketing for Zhone. "Zhone's EtherXtend products allow service providers the flexibility to deliver Ethernet everywhere over both copper and fiber."