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Yetis Will Roam the Streets of New York In Search of ‘Expedition Unknown’ Buzz

Travel Channel’s buzz-building efforts behind its unscripted, four-part series Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti will culminate in a New York City-based, multisite street campaign tomorrow (Oct. 4), a day before the show’s premiere.

The special edition of Expedition Unknown — sending explorer Josh Gates to Nepal and Bhutan in search of the legendary abominable snowman — will hit the streets of Manhattan in a series-branded coffee truck offering passersby freshly-made iced coffees, tying in the cold drink with the frigid weather theme of the special and the environment that the Yeti is said to live in.

If that doesn’t wake up New Yorkers, the network’s also sending 26 costumed Yetis around the city on a branded double-decker bus that will eventually dock in midtown Manhattan at the Flatiron Plaza. There, the Yetis will flank two large ice sculpture displays set up in the plaza to draw attention to the series.

The Scripps Networks outlet hopes the Hunt for the Yeti special (Oct. 5 at 9 p.m.) will exceed the average 5.4 million viewers who tuned into season two of Expedition Unknown, which concluded this past June. Season three of Expedition Unknown is slated to premiere later this fall, the network said.