Yahoo! to Bow Pay Content Service

Yahoo! Inc. ( is launching a
paid subscription service Monday, a $9.95-per-month offering that will compete
with RealNetworks Inc.'s "SuperPass," Reuters reports.

Some of the content is similar -- (, ABC News, Discovery Networks
U.S., The Weather Channel -- but Yahoo! has signed with CBS to carry two games
from the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament starting this

Those games are a promotion for a second premium package: a 56-game,
$16.95-per-month tier, "Yahoo! Platinum SportsPak," featuring all NCAA first-
and second-round games, plus the semifinals, via CBS-owned and Internet
rights-holder (

Yahoo! will encode games from the TV feed, but it won't carry

Yahoo! will also carry highlights from CBS' Survivor: The Amazon and
Fox's American Idol: Search for a Superstar, and it plans to add content
from CNBC Dow Jones Business Video, National Geographic and Warren Miller