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X Marks the ‘IntelliSpot’ for N.Y. Interconnect

The New York Interconnect said Monday that it would use Visible World Inc.’s "IntelliSpot" to enhance its current ad targeting capabilities.

IntelliSpot -- developed by Visible World and SeaChange International Inc. -- allows advertisers to customize their messages and make them directly relevant to their target viewers by dynamically updating and automatically assembling commercials specific to the audience.

This means that for the first time, advertisers will be able to create and send hundreds of variations of a single campaign to different viewers with one media buy and without creating multiple ad versions.

IntelliSpot ads use rules supplied by advertisers to create a digital file that automatically assembles various components of a commercial -- video, audio, text and graphics. These files are trafficked and scheduled as single TV spots, but they become multiple commercials prior to airing.

Each of the resulting customized ads is broadcast simultaneously to its designated market, zone or, in the future, household without additional operator intervention.

The NYI provides advertisers in the New York DMA with the ability to buy spot TV across 35 of the most popular cable networks.