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Wrestling Meets 'Quinceanera' in Mun2, WWE Deal

Wrestling might be hugely popular among Latino men, but World Wrestling Entertainment is now courting 15-21 year-old female fans by offering to throw a typical quinceañera bash, complete with limousine, entertainment and special appearances by wrestling superstars.

The Stamford, Conn.-based sports and entertainment company is partnering with Latino youth network Mun2 to launch the "Ultimate Quinceañera" sweepstakes, a marketing effort celebrating the 15th anniversary of TV show Raw, which airs every Wednesday night on Mun2. Participants are asked to enter between Jan.1 and Jan. 30 by logging on to a dedicated land page on

Luchadores and quinceañeras resonate as significant cultural identifiers, so the sweepstakes offers a fun and unexpected twist to bring them together,” said Lisa Hackett, VP of Marketing for mun2, in a statement.

According to a Mun2 spokesperson, Raw has consistently been one of the highest-rated programs on mun2 since its Oct. 2005 launch. In fact, the NBC-owned channel hit a record-breaking mark on Dec. 12, with the telecast of WWE Raw’s 15th Anniversary Special, delivering 256,000 viewers in the 12-34 demo, its largest audience ever.

The lucky winner, say the companies, will be treated with a typical quinceañera bash and will be featured on the mun2 network later this year.