WorldGate, Buckeye Ink Multiyear Deal

Trevose, Pa. -- WorldGate Communications Inc. announced
last week that it has entered into a multiyear agreement to deploy its service for Buckeye
CableSystem Inc.

WorldGate will offer Buckeye's subscribers in its system in
Toledo, Ohio, which passes 207,000 homes, Internet access and e-mail capability through
the TV set and the cable-TV infrastructure. The deployment is scheduled to roll out in
October and to be finished in 2001.

Buckeye subscribers will also get WorldGate's "Channel
HyperLinking" service.

"The ability to access the related Web site of the
television program [subscribers] are watching in less than five seconds with the touch of
the Channel HyperLinking button changes the TV-watching experience forever,"
WorldGate chairman Hal Krisbergh said in a prepared statement.

"We believe a large percent of our market wants
high-speed, low-cost access to the Internet without having to worry about their new PC
becoming obsolete or spending money on a second phone line to the home," Buckeye
president and general manager David G. Huey added.