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WorldCom to Resell DirecTV DSL

DirecTV Broadband inked a deal with WorldCom Inc. to expand its
digital-subscriber-line service into the West and Midwest via a rebranding

The deal is basically a reseller agreement that gives DirecTV Broadband
access to WorldCom's systems.

'They're purchasing our private-label DSL and rebranding it' as DirecTV DSL,
WorldCom spokeswoman Natasha Haubold said. 'They're getting access to our

The service will start immediately, although Haubold could not say where it
would start or how many homes might get the service. A DirecTV Broadband
spokeswoman could not be reached by press time.

The pact lets DirecTV choose between WorldCom and other competitive
local-exchange carriers and incumbent phone companies for last-mile connectivity
options, DirecTV Broadband president and CEO Ned Hayes said in a prepared

WorldCom supplies DSL to 55 major metro markets nationally, and it has an
Internet-protocol network spanning six continents and more than 3,000 points of