Wholl Be The Next Decker?

Washington -- Just for fun, Multichannel News put
together a list of possible successors to National Cable Television Association
president Decker Anstrom, with input from various other handicappers inside and outside of
the industry. Send us your best guess:
  we'd love to hear it.

Strong Possibilities:

Robert Sachs: Former MediaOne Group Inc. lawyer, now a
private consultant.

Michael Powell: Republican Federal Communications
Commission commissioner.

June Travis: Former NCTA executive vice president.

Torie Clarke: Former NCTA spokeswoman.

Good Chances:

James O'Brien: Former Jones Intercable Inc. president.

Sandy Wilson: Former FCC Cable Services Bureau chief.

Brenda Fox: Former NCTA staffer.

Outside Shots:

Former Rep. Jack Fields (R-Texas): now a lobbyist.

Kathleen Wallman: Former FCC staffer.

Highly Unlikely:

Kay Koplovitz: Former USA Network CEO.

Former Sen. Larry Pressler (R-S.D.): now a lobbyist.

No Chance:

Reed Hundt: Former FCC chairman, now with McKinsey &

Larry Irving: Head of National Telecommunications and
Information Administration.

Michael Fuchs: Former Home Box Office chairman.