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Whistle Sports Network Partners With MLS, KickTV

 The Whistle Sports Network has added Major League Soccer to its list of content partners, which includes professional leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, the PGA Tour, AVP and Major League Lacrosse. The network, which launched on YouTube in January, also reached a content and distribution agreement with KickTV in conjunction with the MLS. 

The partnership will bring Major League Soccer content to The Whistle Sports Network's recently-launched Xbox application. The network's transition to the Xbox platform follows a successful eight months on YouTube, where it has amassed more than 6.8 million subscribers, 140 channel partners and more than one billion views. The Xbox deal will allow content from both KickTV and the MLS to reach a larger audience. 

"The partnership with The Whistle will allow MLS and KickTV to reach an audience of 80 million engaged Xbox users who align very well to our target of young tech-savvy soccer fans," said Chris Schlosser, vice president, MLS Digital, in a release.