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What's in Store at Discovery

Discovery Communications Inc. announced a strategy Wednesday that will
accentuate its cable networks' presence and its retail stores.

'In an effort to maximize the synergies' between the networks, Discovery
Consumer Products and Discovery Channel Stores, the company announced that the
estimated 70 million consumers who shop at the retail outlets each year will now
see 'a clearer, more direct visual connection to Discovery's family of networks
through new network-themed display areas.'

Each network-branded department will have its own themed signage and
products. As part of that effort, the stores will include more highly visible
television monitors.

As examples, DCI announced plans for this spring for a new line of
infant/toddler products to support The Learning Channel's daytime series, A
Baby's Story
, and pet products tied to Animal Planet.

'These new initiatives provide even greater value to our viewers,' DCI
president Judith McHale said in a prepared statement, 'and to our advertisers
and affiliate partners, which benefit from the unique partnership opportunities'
available via the stores.

In a related move, DCI announced the hiring of four senior retail