Wendy's Renews Hallmark's Adoption

Hallmark Channel announced Monday that Wendy's International Inc. and the
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption have renewed their presenting-sponsorship
role for the network's Adoption series.

New episodes of Adoption will break in June.

Last fall, Hallmark executive vice president of ad sales Bill Abbott
indicated that Wendy's was renewing for a second season.

The sponsorship deal will again include online and local market-outreach
components, the companies said.

Hallmark has been partnering with cable affiliates in several markets to
benefit adoption and foster-care facilities. Some of those local events are
cosponsored by Wendy's and the foundation.

In addition, Hallmark's Internet site (http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/jsp/hallmarkchannel/ds_Framework.jsp)
includes an Adoption area (http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/jsp/hallmarkchannel/ds_Framework.jsp?FUELAP_SITEDBID=SITE%5F%2D66&FUELAP_OP=FUELOP_NewScreen&SETCONTENT=US%5FPROGRAM%5F15507&BODY=ds%5FProgram%2Ejsp&),
sponsored by Wendy's.

The Thomas foundation was founded by late Wendy's CEO Dave Thomas, who
himself had been adopted.