WE tv Rebrands With New Logo, Graphics

As part of a marketing push to broaden the network’s audience, WE tv has officially dropped the term “women” from its name and debuted a new logo that corresponds with its redirected focus.

The new logo consists of “WE” written in bold, block letters and underlined. The bar that underscores the logo is also being used in various marketing campaigns to emphasize the word “we” in phrases like “Tweet it,” “Awesome,” and “Powerful.” 

WE tv pesident Marc Juris explains that the rebranding is an attempt to accurately represent the social connectivity of modern viewers. 

“When we looked at our name and brand, we realized instantly that the word ‘We’ is an ideal reflection of the socially networked world we live in today. The idea of ‘We’ as all of us - sharing common interests and experiences - is a powerful and universal theme which drives connection, conversation, collaboration and community. It creates an ideal platform to position the network at the center of the rapidly evolving multi-screen universe,” said Juris in a statement.

The new logo and graphics are expected to debut throughout WE tv’s various platforms this fall. The branding efforts were developed in cooperation with Eloisa Iturbe Studio of Buenos Aires.