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WE tv Advertisers Bulk Up for Fall

Two advertisers are bulking up in anticipation of WE tv’s original fall fashion programming.

Wal-Mart Stores made its first-ever ad buy on the women’s network with Under the Tents-A Full Frontal Fashion Special, a half-hour show providing fashion trends from Fashion Week in New York. The show premieres Wednesday, Sept. 20.

Under the sponsorship agreement, Wal-Mart receives a customized vignette providing fall fashion tips for viewers to use now, featuring the fall George ME collection designed by Mark Eisen. Wal-Mart also receives tagged tune-ins, billboards and inclusion in the consumer print advertisement in Life & Style magazine.

And T.J. Maxx returns to WE with Cinematherapy: Get the Look, which gives women tips on cost-effective elegance. Premiering Thursday, Sept. 21, Cinematherapy wraps around Jennifer Love Hewitt film The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000). A previous airing of Cinematherapy wrapped around Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), starring Madonna and Rosanna Arquette.

Both advertisers also receive online coverage on the network’s Web site (