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WE Facelift Completes Changeover

Continuing its evolution, WE: Women's Entertainment will unveil a new tagline and on-air look to further position itself as a service with a softer, more relaxing feel for women.

The new tagline, "The Space We Share," was set to appear Oct. 29 alongside a new on-air look. The move completes the repositioning from Romance Classics, which began earlier this year.

Network president Marty Von Ruden said the new look and tagline represent the network's attempt to create an environment in which women feel comfortable coming to escape the issues and the turbulence they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

"We're basically catching up with the name of the network," Von Ruden said. "This is the last stage of the evolution of WE: Women's Entertainment."

Von Ruden said the tagline and new look — created by the award-winning New York design firm Artichoke —will be promoted on-air and on the network's Web site (

Much like its initial consumer campaign, network creative backing for the new tagline features several high-profile entertainers such as Daisy Fuentes, Pat Benatar and Naomi Judd.

But the network began its promotional transition toward its new mantra of helping to simplify its viewers' lives last August, when WE joined Real Simple
magazine for a sweepstakes and marketing campaign. The "Simplify Your Life" effort included on-air programming components, as well as a sweepstakes with national and local aspects, according to Von Ruden.

Given the competition within the women's media marketplace, Von Ruden said it was important for the network to get its message and brand across to viewers.

"The design is relevant to women's lives today, while the tagline, 'The Space We Share,' defines the connection the network has with women," Von Ruden said. "We have to make that connection if we're going to build the brand."

Another way the network is differentiating itself from its competitors is through its programming philosophy. Von Ruden said the network — which is available in more than 37 million homes, and is one of the fastest-growing services on cable — will not show any programming that's overtly violent or issue-oriented. WE will not show any programming that includes any firearms, he added.

"We have a no-guns, no-issues policy," Von Ruden said. "We want to provide viewers with a momentary respite from the events of today."