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Wagner Out at AT&T Broadband

Tracy Wagner, one of two top programming executives at
AT&T Broadband & Internet Services, has exited the company, officials confirmed
last week.

Wagner had served as executive vice president of
programming distribution for Tele-Communications Inc. Matt Bond is also an executive vice
president in the MSO's programming department.

AT&T didn't disclose whether or not it will
replace Wagner.

"Matt Bond is really filling the positions and roles
currently and handling her area, at least in the interim, if there is an interim,"
AT&T Broadband spokeswoman LaRae Marsik said.

Bond and Wagner were eventually both promoted to the dual
executive vice president posts after Jedd Palmer left the MSO in early 1998.

In June 1997, Wagner was promoted to senior vice president
of programming, alongside Palmer, who had the same title before he left. Bond got the nod
as senior vice president of programming administration in late 1997.

Bond's duties were mainly working with programmers to
negotiate contracts, while Wagner worked out in the field with systems to help them
implement changes in their programming lineups.

But that kind of structuring of a corporate programming
department, with two apparent chiefs, was very unusual for any MSO.

It became clear that Bond was really the one with the power
to do deals, while Wagner was just a liaison to the field who spent much of her time
"fund-raising," or seeking co-op and marketing monies from programmers.

Wagner couldn't be reached for comment.