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VTV Goes VOD with TVN

VTV: Varsity Television will now give cable operators a choice of how to
offer the digi-net -- just as is, or through TVN Entertainment Corp.
distribution in video-on-demand format.

The independently owned channel devoted to teen-age content has picked up few
affiliates since its debut three-and-a-half months ago. The TVN arrangement is
expected to make VTV's programming available to more households in quicker
fashion. On-demand availability is expected to start by late spring.

"This alliance places a very diverse lineup of programming in the hands of
our subscribers, while giving teens access to shows created by other teens," TVN
CEO Ian Aaron said through a prepared statement released Monday afternoon.

With the deal, VTV will create a special element just for on-demand play:
VarCity TV, where individual systems can present teen-created videos from high
schools in their area. TVN's technical staff will handle transmission functions
and other support services for VarCity TV.

TVN's role "will not only put teens in control of the programming they want
to see, but will also support the expansion of the VOD universe," VTV cofounder
and president Joe Shults said in a prepared statement.