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Volume Control

Beware of Lead Foot

“When you step on the accelerator, you push down the current results, and [former AT&T Broadband president] Dan [Somers] has both feet on the accelerator.”

John Malone, at the December 2000 Western Show in Los Angeles

Running at Light Speed

“We don't know how big this [broadband] thing can be. Let the market run.”

Richard Parsons, Time Warner Cable chairman at the June 2003 National Show in Chicago, denouncing government regulation of the Internet.

Retransmission Rage

“We've just gone through a government-mandated exchange of wealth of $10 billion from the cable industry to the broadcast industry and I'm mad as hell about it.”

Ted Turner, at the 1994 National Show in New Orleans, on cable rate cuts forced by the 1994 Cable Act

The Safe Bet

“[Video on demand], like high-def, is something you can bet the ranch on.”

John Hendricks, Discovery Communications founder, at the 2003 National Show in Chicago

Some Bugs Squish Back

“I'm looking forward to squishing [News Corp. chairman] Rupert [Murdoch] like a bug.”

Ted Turner, at the 1995 Western Show in Anaheim, shortly before Murdoch launched Fox News Channel, which eclipsed Turner's Cable News Network in the ratings battle five years later.

Those Talks Took a While

“We're very excited about VOD — the ability to take Internet functionality, where Web sites are free, there's no friction in that transaction. That can be replicated with file servers and digital boxes. We are in constructive dialogue with programmers on how to make it a win-win.”

Brian Roberts, Comcast Corp. CEO, at the May 2002 National Show in New Orleans, four years before Comcast finally struck video-on-demand deals with the large broadcast networks.

Maybe In 12 Years or So

“The real shocker is how fast the market for multimedia services will develop.”

Ray Smith, former Bell Atlantic chairman at the December 1993 Western Show in Anaheim, a few months before the company began its now-defunct Stargazer interactive video service in Virginia.