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Another Win for HBO?

“Get the Emmys off the free-air networks. Put it on HBO, where no one has to worry about language, or even wardrobe malfunctions. Who cares, seriously? When pay-cable TV shows like The Sopranos, Entourage and Weeds are winning a good portion of the awards available, then it’s obviously not inappropriate for one of them to carry the show giving those awards out.”

Teague Bohlen, The Latest Wordhttp://blogs.westword.com/latestword/

She Didn’t Really Like Her

“I’m not worried about Sally Field’s Emmy award speech being cut since she should have censored herself after the first rambling 'umm.’ With all the time, money and effort that Hollywood stars spend on finding the right dress, haircut, jewelry and make-up, couldn’t they spend a little effort on creating acceptance speeches that are not insipid, stupid and uninspired drivel?”

Jill Brooke, The Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Don’t Stop …

“At the end of the Emmys Sunday night, after The Sopranos won for best drama and the cast and crew were swarming on stage, you half expected a guy in a Members Only jacket to cross the room and for the screen to go black.”

Rick Kushman, PopMattershttp://www.popmatters.com

No Judge of Characters

“Even by the silly, narcissistic standards of Hollywood awards shows, the Emmys have rendered themselves irrelevant, year after year, first with nominations that often leave out the best shows, then with awards that go to the least likely, least deserving finalists. If a great show gets some recognition, I consider it either an accident or a sign that the show or performer was so popular that even the ostrich-heads in the TV Academy heard about them while they were enjoying their time in the dirt.”

Alan Sepinwall, What’s Alan Watching?http://sepinwall.blogspot.com

Pulling Out the Rug

“How dare they?! It’s just mean and wrong. Are they out of their minds? Are they out of their [bleep]ing minds? Let’s get real here. I started it. I did it.”

Joan Rivers, on E! Entertainment choosing not to invite her to return to cover the Red Carpet at the Emmys, in the New York Post.

Keeping Current

“For the first time ever, Internet-content distributed via broadband (or something like that) was acknowledged with a Prime Time Emmy. In other words, Web video. Cool.”

Joseph Jaffe, Jaffe Juicehttp://www.jaffejuice.com