Volume Control

Same Show, Less Filling

“Could it be the debut of Imus lite?”

Robert MacMillan, MediaFile http://blogs.reuters.com/mediafile

Will This Citadel Hold the Fort?

“Missing from nearly all of the fawning coverage over the return of Don Imus, it’s the elephant in the room: will his new employer (and now owner of major ABC Radio talk stations across the country) survive long enough to see him through even a portion of his new, five- year megadeal? While mainstream media suck-ups lavish Citadel Communications and its embattled CEO Farid Suleman with praise for reviving the I-Man’s career, they’ve repeatedly failed to mention the severe financial crisis turning the company’s future into a giant question mark.”

Brian Maloney, Radio Equalizer http://radioequalizer.blogspot.com

Everyone Gets A Second Act

“Everyone deserves a second chance in life, and that goes for leathery old reactionary gits who look like Worzel Gummidge’s homeless alcoholic substance-abusing brother being attacked by wasps in a hailstorm — and Don Imus, too.”

Stuart Heritage, Heckler Spray http://www.hecklerspray.com

Return to Glory, Or Just to Humor

“Frankly, we don’t care whether Imus recaptures broadcast glory. But maybe this time he will find a way to be funny — and resist insulting people who don’t deserve it.”

Editorial, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Taking Measures Toward Assurance

“The fact that he now has a black sidekick and that he’s on [a 21-second] delay, clearly may speak of some of the measures that his new employers have put in to make sure that there’s not a repeat offense.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton, A.P.

Keeping His Mouth In Check

“What I wonder is how will he appear to the public now after he’s made such remarks on his station. Will be censor himself? Will he go back to his old ways? Will he try to change at all?

Bridgit Wright, BizChicksRule http://bizchicksrule.com