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No 'Damages’ Done

“I’m not a big fan of watching TV in the summer … especially if there aren’t dancing kids being criticized by crazy Fox judges. But, I couldn’t avoid FX’s new series, Damages, starring sometime-Bedford resident Glenn Close. Literally, half the conversations I’ve had in the past two days have included, 'By the way, have you seen Damages? It’s awesome.’ ”

Robert Zeliger, Suburbarazzi.com

Pricey Summer Shares

“Cable television offered up almost 30 new scripted series this summer, prompting the question if it’ll dig into the audience and profits of the broadcast networks. For the summers, I would say yes; for the long-term, I would answer no. The reason is the same one [explaining why] the networks can’t continue offering up original scripted programming for the summer: costs.”

Gary Bourgeault, Biz of Show Biz

Free TV Hasn’t Got Talent

“If it wasn’t for HBO, I wouldn’t be watching many TV originals this summer. I can’t tell the difference between the variety/talent/karaoke shows, and frankly I don’t want to spend time trying to figure them out.”

Jon Hein, TVGuide.com

More Than a Vacation

“Doesn’t sound like it’s sustainable for the networks, does it? I think they’re going to have to figure out some way of maintaining viewer loyalty during the summer, or they’ll find they don’t have an audience coming back in the fall. I’m glad that’s not my problem to solve.”

Charles Kuffner, OffTheKuff.com

DVR Diversions

“Summer is also a good time for catching up … me, I’m catching up on all those TiVo’ed House episodes I missed while blogging and columnizing on American Idol.”

Lisa deMoraes, The Washington Post

Summertime Moves

“It is ideal summer TV: watching other people move with purpose, but in ways you couldn’t possibly replicate, so as to avoid any guilt about inactivity.”

Jon Caramanica, Los Angeles Times, writing about Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance

A Lift In the Ratings

“Scientists have now discovered the secret of levitation, which is wonderful news because in time they may learn how to lift the standard of summer television programming.”

Brian Beacom Evening Times (Glasgow, Scotland)