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Too Much Time On Their Hands

“After news broke that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been identified as 'Client Number 9’ in a federal wiretap linking him to a prostitution ring, Spitzer gave the shortest press conference in history. The whole thing clocked in at about a minute, leaving the cable-news talking heads with a whole afternoon of airtime to fill. So they did what they do best: they misreported the facts, speculated on topics that they don’t know much about, and spouted a bunch of unsubstantiated opinions.”

Mark Boyer, Fresh Cut Media getfreshcut.com/

'Crisis Vultures’ Start to Circle

“But I really may not survive all the lemmings now swarming all over cable news — the teletherapists, the experts, the columnists, the whole pseudo-expertocracy — who have already started providing detailed remedies for the saving the Spitzer marriage and for what he should say to his children.

“These 'crisis-vultures’ — armed with glib instant analyses — never cease to amaze. One person’s and one state’s tragedy becomes someone else’s shameless career opportunity.”

Steve Gorelick, Media and Mayhem mediaandmayhem.com

Didn’t I Read This Somehwere?

“More babbling from Fox News talking heads while Gov. Whorehopper’s motorcade is en route. This is the part of 24/7 cable news I hate the most: The big live-coverage deal, where they just keep up a nonstop chatter in order to fill the time. It’s annoying, if you’re literate enough to read for yourself the same news articles the TV people are referencing.”

Robert Stacy McCain, The Other McCain rsmccain.blogspot.com