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Flouting Tradition?

“The networks should be nervous, frankly. Last year advertisers paid more than $9 billion after the upfronts, but the networks didn’t produce a single breakout hit on the order of [Desperate] Housewives or Lost or Grey’s Anatomy. And since then, streaming video, iPods and cell-phone broadcasts have become all the rage. Will traditional TV still bring home the bacon?”

Marc Peyser, Newsweek

Web Gets Its Piece

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are expected to be diverted from network TV to Internet advertising. While that’s a small fraction of the total $18 billion upfront advertising pie, the shift is stealing a bit of the limelight from old-school media.”

Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post

The Party Rolls On

“This is all very old-school stuff: vaudevillian dazzle, copious applications of food and alcohol to lubricate the ad spigots, a frenzy of dealmaking primarily compressed into several days in one city.”

Jon Fine, Business Week

No Rushed Decisions

“Instead of rushing into deals this week, marketers might take their time weighing options for how and where to spend ad money on the fall TV lineup — including online rather than on air — and save enough for surprise opportunities.”

Theresa Howard, USA Today

Skipping Into the Future

“This is the year when the DVR ad-skipping phenomenon has actually been recognized by programmers and advertisers alike.”

Mike Hirshland
Polaris Venture Partners, Boston, http://vcmike.wordpress.com/

Synergy In the Copy Room

“Here’s a tip for broadcasters trying to secure billions in deals for the fall: Put in a call to Xerox, Canon and Ricoh. Maybe there’s a synergy tie-in to be had from all the copies out there.”

Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Tribune